October 29, 2012

Sandra's Brick Template Tutorial

Another Brick Template Tutorial
this time with  Sandra Wallace.

I LOVE the new range of Templates that Twiddleybitz have

recently released... so many options!!
For my Floating Bird Frame I used the
Brick Template TEM007
But for the purposes of this tutorial I have used the
Chevron Template TEM008
(because I have misplaced my Brick Template after a retreat!! eek!)
To create the Brick effect on my floating frame I used the following steps in the tutorial.. repeating
steps TWO to FIVE over and over again until the frame was completely covered.

Products needed for the Brick effect.
Brick Template TEM007 (I used Chevon TEM008 in these instructions)Mont Mart Clear ImpastoChromocryl Paint: Burnt Umber
Kaisercraft paint: Mocha
Versa Inks: Pinecone and Black
Gilding wax: Gold and Patina
an old knife
heat gun
Here I have used the middle part of a Twiddleybitz overlay to help demonstrate this technique.

Step ONE
Paint the base of your project with the Burnt Umber (or dark brown) paint
Now mix up you Impasto with the Mocha paint... making sure to mix it well.
Please note my Impasto is OLD!!! (I'm talking Stone Age!!) and it has lots of lumps in it...which might of helped with the end effect. :-)
Maybe this might be a good time to scrape the crusty bits off the top of your impasto container and put them to good use. ;-)
Step TWO
Once mixed together place your template on the area you wish to work.
And then spread your Impasto mixure roughly with your old knife.
It doesn't matter if it is a bit messy, lumpy or uneven, this will add to your end result.
Carefully lift the template off and wash it straight away! (it is really is stubborn to clean off once it dries...trust me!)
Dry using a heat gun.

If you are covering a frame or a large area, repeat steps TWO to FIVE until area is covered. (remember to wash template between applications!)
You will probably notice some white lumpy impasto pieces ... don't worry, these will be covered up with the following steps
Step SIX
Using a dauber apply Pinecone ink randomly to the bricks.
then add some Black ink in the same manner
then rub in some gold gilding wax
and maybe some patina gilding wax.
and then keep re applying the different inks and waxes until you get the result you like.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it has inspired you to try this technique yourself.
Maybe you would like to try a more Terrecotta look with your bricks?.. adding more reddish tones,
Or sandstone bricks?..adding a lighter colour to your Impasto and using beige coloured inks.
Have fun experimenting!!
The above piece of brickwork won't go to waste.. I think I might try to incorporate it in a future layout.
waste not, want not. ;-)
Here are some more photos of my 3D Floating Bird Frame, which uses the above technique.
Thanks for stopping by!!
If you DO use the Twiddleybitz templates along with other Twiddleybitz products on a creation,
please share them with us in the Twiddleybitz Ning Gallery... we would LOVE to see them!!
Bye for now
Sandra xx


  1. Wow, love the final look of the bricks...and the Chevron looks like pavers...so cool...will have to try this!!!!

  2. Wow Sandra love this !!! and the brick template is fantastic, you have made the bricks look so real.