October 2, 2012

Creating with Twiddleybitz Templates with Rachel Walsh

Design Team Member RACHEL WALSH has been having fun with our templates.  Rachel showcases the Twiddleybitz TEM007 Brick and TEM008 Chevron for us.

Decide where you’d like to position your photo/s, and work out where you’d like to add some texture.  Position your template ( I have used the Twiddley template brick, product code TEM007) and hold it firmly while spreading a layer of texture paste over the top, using an old credit/store card or a palette knife, making sure it gets worked into all the corners – you don’t need to cover the whole template, just make sure the central area is well covered, tapering out to the sides looks good.  You can add some extra texture with a dry brush if you desire.

When you’re happy, carefully lift the template off the page.  Reposition it on the other side of the layout if you wish, and repeat the process – be careful not to overlap the area that you just did!

Leave to dry thoroughly.  When fully dry, reposition the template over the top and, using a sponge (I like to use cheap make-up sponges), pick up some ink onto the sponge & dab it over the top of the template to colour the texture paste.  Start with a lighter colour, then use a darker colour to add some extra character & highlights.

When you’re happy, add your photos, title & other embellishments.


 This card was made simply by brushing a thin layer of white paint over the template (TEM008) when that was dry a thin layer of colour spray was wiped over the top.  A couple of colour sprayed leaves, and a flower made with the new Twiddleybitz flower template (product numberTEM005) from old music paper, and it’s done.

Another idea is ink over the template (TEM008) with different ink pads, using a make-up sponge as before, starting with the lightest colour, working across to the darkest colour, blending a little as you go.  Add a hand drawn border, an inked & glimmermisted fancy shoe, stamp & washi tape, and you have another quick card done.

You can of course use your colour sprays over the templates too, just keep the spray light as a heavier spray may run underneath the template and spoil your work.

Thanks so much Rachel! 

Head on over to the Twiddleybitz website for the full range of templates that we have available for stores to order.


  1. Great tutorial! Know how to use my templates now :-)

  2. AWESOME TUTORIALS Rach you rocked those templates now Im desperate to own one of each! LOL