November 4, 2012

Poppy Tutorial

Poppy Tutorial
with Sandra Wallace

Remembrance Day is just around the corner.
Why not create your own personal and special Remembrance Day Poppy
to wear to Remember those who fought and gave their lives for us?
Or, if not to wear, maybe to embellish those special pages?
To create your poppy you will need
Twiddleybitz Flower Template (codeTEM 005)
Red Cardstock
Twiddleybitz embellishment for centre (available for at purchase at shows)
scissors, distresser, black ink, water, hat pin, felt, glue, pencil and hot glue gun.

Trace around all 3 flower templates onto the Back of the cardstock.
and then cut out, giving you 3 different size flowers
gently distress the edges with a distresser, or scissors.
using spray bottle, wet the flowers on both sides
Then gently scrunch them (carefully, as they are quite fragile) into a cone shape by
placing your thumb in the middle of the flower

and then folding up over your thumb

and then pinching the bottom gently to create a cone shape.

Now it is time to dry them.
You have 3 choices.... leaving them overnight...meh, that takes way to long!
using a heatgun, hmmm faster but still toooo long!!
or you could do as I do, and zap them in a microwave!
I kid you not.......
zap them for 20 second increments until they are hard and dry.
be careful!! too long and they will burn!
Here they are after being “nuked”
Then carefully open each up.
Ink the edges with black ink
If you have a brad as a centrepiece create holes in the centre of each flower and then secure with brad.
If you have to glue on a centrepiece such as a button or embellishment then
glue the flowers together and then glue on your centrepiece

Add a leaf

Now it is ready for your projects.
To wear as a pin, cut out a circle from your felt and glue on the back with hot glue gun
This will make it easier to attach the hat pin to the back...

ready to wear!
Now you have created your own personal and special Remembrance Day Poppy to wear to Remember and Honour those who fought and gave their lives for us...and to remember those who are still fighting.
But PLEASE remember to still buy a poppy, wristband or give a donation for the Poppy Day Appeal Day which assists our Veterans.
Thank You

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